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TODAY IS THE DAY! The (amazing) Bierstube invites you all to celebrate St.Patrick’s Day with some delicious Irish stuff! For example GREEN BEER (how is that even possible), Guinness, and Jameson’s Whiskey! Are you not so much of a drinker? Well how about some extraordinary Fish N‘ Chips (with a formidable vegetarian counterpart) and some HOT Beef Stew to taste some Ireland? Bring all your friends, girlfriends and boyfriends and get Green! And If you don’t have any, meet your future drinking buddy! (That sounded sad) Doors open at 18:30, you’re all welcome!! 🙂

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Is everyone still in for St.Patrick’s Day? Here are some rare photos of some strange beers we found in our hidden emergency party basement, the are GREEN! How does green beer even taste? Like Beef and Guinness Stew? No, probably not, but we have that too!! (Plot twist) We await you all for St.Patrick’s Day, the 17.03.2018 at 18:30 in the Bierstube! 🙂

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I would like to inform you all about an amazing subject, our St.Patrick’s Day event. Have you ever thought about what is the best way to spend the day? You need to eat (we all do), you want to drink, listen to cool music, feel the Greeniness of the day (if that word even exists) and enjoy everything in one place? Well.. The Bierstube invites you all to eat, drink, party and get green! We got some Guinness for the Beer lovers, Jameson’s for whiskey friends, and (yes) Green Beer for the adventurers! To eat? Fish N‘ Chips to taste the sea, or with Aubergines for our vegetarian friends and some Beef Stew to stay traditional! The best part? Staying nice and cheap 🙂

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THE TIME HAS COME! Today at the Bierstube we offer the perfect combination of food. The King of the Sandwich Kingdom. The prince of the Plate. The Burger. Come and enjoy till you can’t even move, combine it with some nice German Korbinian to fit with the season and life’s better in seconds. Veggie or Meat, Bacon or not, they are waiting for you and you are waiting for them.

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Today we bring you something new, something so tasty as crazy! Only a beautiful mind could create this dish. Leberkas-Maultaschenpfanne! For only 4.90€ can you set your tastebuds into party mode! +But I am vegetatian 🙁 -Don’t be sad, we also offer a vegetarian option! 🙂 Tipp: Get a cold bottle of Korbinian or Vitus (Starkbier) for only 3.10€! See ya!

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Dear customers, for reasons that escape our control, today we cannot offer Thai-Curry as we planned. But not all is going to be bad… We thought that the best solution is to offer some delicious and a bit spicy chicken wings with fries for only 4.90€! In case you feel thirsty, you can always get a „halbe“ of kellerbier for 3.10€. Adaptation is the key to survive! 😉

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Was gibts leckeres im März?

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After a loooong wait today we bring you the Kampäros again! What is a Kampäro? It is the best sandwich you’ll ever have the opportunity to taste. With mayo, fresh salad, tomato slices, dried fried onions, cheese and three different options for you to choose: – Pork: Sweet ham, marinated Schweine minutensteak and Bacon. – Chicken BBQ: Deepfried, breaded chicken stripes in BBQ marinade. – Avocado: Deepfried, breaded and slightly spicy avocado wedges. Amazing isn’t it? It costs only 5.30€ but that isn’t only for the sandwich, they come also with fries…. Take our word, come pay us a visit and enjoy this piece of art.

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Who feels like having a tasty, delicious portion of tender yet slightly salty Melanzane alla parmgiana? You must be whether eating or thinking about it ( we don’t know what else can a human being do ) so, we ask you: doesn’t this recipe look delicious? You can get a piece for only 4.40€ and be the happiest person on earth. Would you pass on this?

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Monday evening and still studying? Do you happen to have an exam tomorrow? We’re sure that you and your smoking brain can use a little pause? -But I have to make the most of every moment! I have no time to loose. (You’ll probably say) +Well, we cannot argue with that but… Do you think that enjoying one of our soft, tender, 100% beef/oatmeal burgers with some fries (seasoned with a special mixture of spices) is a waste of time? Well then think again. All your knowledge needs some time to start growing roots into your brain so, what a better way to let the wisdom penetrate you than having a burger, treating yourself perhaps with some extra bacon for 0.50€ and an alcohol free beer… The perfect plan for you, your brain and your exams!

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